Saturday, October 6, 2012

Looking Forward

I was sorta just going along comfortable w upcoming birthday....and then my sister told me how old I am turning....which honestly never occurred to me. Lol. 
Since then she keeps asking me everyday how old I will be. I tell her 5 years younger than you ;)
I tease- but really she could care less. 
She is so excited about her birthday later this month. Actually, I do believe she has declared the entire month her birthday celebration.  She has this beautiful energy and glow when she brings it up; which is quite often.
We actually have an announcement of the birthday countdown several times a day. 
Today we are 9 days away from lift off. ;) 
So cool to have someone in their 40s as tickled as a child over upcoming birthday. We all have much to learn from her ♥
It isn't about the age; its about celebrating one more year....
And for her, that is the miracle we were all given.  The answered prayer.

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